Professionally Managed by Miz rentals Inc.


Please designate 1 person in the house to act as the house representative. This person will be the contact person for the property manager.

1. For any non-urgent maintenance issues please fill out the online maintenance form on our website at under the students and tenants tab. telephone or texts will not constitute as complaint received.

2. Please have your garbage and recycle at the curbside by 8am on your designated day. This needs to be done every week without any exception. Do not store garbage more than a week old in the garage. If this practice is found on a regular inspection, you are liable to pay for disposal of this garbage.

3. Please keep your windows and doors locked when not in the unit. Miz rentals are not responsible for any personal belongings lost, damaged or stolen due to negligence by the tenant. Always lock the main door when exiting.

4. Always turn off lights, computers and TV’s when not in use. Check appliances and never leave any appliance on when leaving the unit.

5. Pets are not allowed in the house. Tenants can be fined if you are found to have a pet in the house or room.

6. Be mindful of the utility cap outlined in your lease. Use all utilities responsibly. If you go above the utility cap you will be required to pay the difference as a group.

7. Space heaters are a fire hazard. Please do not use them in your room. Excessive use can result in going over the utility cap for which the group will be responsible.

8. Light bulbs and changing of the light bulbs is the responsibility of the tenant.

9. Please be mindful of all drains in the house. Clogged drains due to negligence is the responsibility of the tenant.

10. Respect one another’s privacy, do not disrupt ones normal living rights.

11. Please be careful about hanging items on the wall. Excessive holes and tapes on walls resulting in repairs is the responsibility of the tenant.

12. Please do not tamper with the thermostat or any hvac equipment. Any issues with heating and air conditioning should be reported via the maintenance request form.

13. Please keep the furnace room clear of debris and clutter at all times.

14. please be environmentally conscious when doing laundry. Do not wash or dry 1 or 2 items, gather a proper load and use off peak hours to preserve energy, clean out lint tray after each load.

15. Do not remove batteries from smoke detectors ….not at any time for any reason.

16. Please be respectful of your neighbors. Absolutely no beer bottles, pop cans, liquor bottles, cigarette butts etc. to be left anywhere outside the house. This will not be tolerated. This will be cleaned up and fees will be applied to the group.

17. Under the landlord and tenants act you are responsible for keeping the house reasonably clean. Any undue negligence in this matter will result in cleaning charges for the entire group.

18. Any damage caused to the property by you or your guests whether on purpose or by accident is the responsibility of the group for which charges will apply.

19. Please do not leave any belongings behind when vacating the house. if any personal belongings are left behind or damage not repaired a $ 100 per hour labor fee plus material costs plus dumping fees will apply.

20. Please do not misplace the mail keys and allot a common designated place accessible to all tenants for the keys. Miz  rentals is not responsible for lost mail keys and you will be charged $25 to get a new mailbox key as a group.

21. all keys should be handed over to Miz rentals at the end of the tenancy. Failure to do so will result in extra charges as a group.

22. You as an individual are responsible for reporting any discrepancies or damages ASAP to Miz rentals Inc. failure to do so make you responsible as a group for damages, misconduct, uncleanliness or lapses in following the house rules.

We thank you for your cooperation and hope your stay with us will be a comfortable and trouble free experience!