Miz Rentals Inc. advocates for better bus services for Brock University students!

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We were recently featured in an article where we have been vocal about the negative impact of the planned discontinuation of bus service on Winterberry Blvd. This planned discontinuation will impact our investors and students.

Highlights from article:

Vaseem Shaikh, CEO of Miz Rentals Inc., said he has 35 professionally managed properties on and off Winterberry, housing 305 Brock students. None of those properties have been the cause of concern or unruly behaviour, he said.

“It is unfair that for the actions of a few, the entire student fraternity is punished,” he said.

Shaikh said he believes about 800 Brock students live in that area. “The Brock students will undergo great hardship is this service is not provided,” he said.

Investors who have invested in rental properties will also be hurt if the bus service cancellation means they can’t rent out their homes, he said.

“All the owners pay hefty taxes and as such deserve the right to have a public transit bus service,” said Shaikh.

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