This pertains to the property located at
Agreement to the lease dated:
Rental amount for said premises
*Tenants agree to pay first and last month's rent at time of lease signing
*Tenants agree to pay an additional $50 each as part of a refundable cleaning deposit.
*Tenants agree to give post dated checks from June 1st through March 1st.
*Tenants agree to have co-sign sheet and all checks handed to landlord prior to any keys being distributed.
*Tenants agree to have no pets or smoke in the said unit.
*Tenants agree not to paint or construct or instal lite dishes or run any wires in the said unit without permission from the landlord.
*Tenants are responsible for removal of ALL garbage on a weekly basis.
*Tenants agree to periodic inspections by the landlord; 24 hours notice will be give of such inspection.
*Tenants agree to a utility cap of $375 per month for gas, hydro and water. This is an average over the course of the lease.The utility cap is shared with all other tenants residing at the said property. The landlord may ask the tenants to pay any overages if the utilities are abused.
*Tenants agree they are responsible for their own personal property insurance to cover their personal contents. It is understood that the landlords property insurance does not cover the tenants person contents.
*Tenants understand that under the Residential Tenancies Act they are responsible in "keeping your unit clean, up to the standard that most people would consider ordinary or normal cleanliness"
*Tenants agree they are responsible for any and all guests on the property.
*Tenants agree not to sublet their room without consent of the landlord.
*Tenants understand that the landlord does not guarantee at TV. or internet cable outlet in each room.
*It is agreed and understood that the tenants are responsible for testing the smoking alarms at least once every month following the manufacturer's instructions or a detailed checklist that complies with the Ontario Fire code.
*It is the responsibility of the tenants of the rental property to contract the landlord if the smoke alarms)or any other fire safety equipment is not operational.
*It is against the law for tenants to remove the batteries, disable or tamper with the alarm in any way. Tenants will be subject to heavy fines for this offense, as levied by the city.
*It is agreed and understood that the tenants are responsible for changing their own light bulbs.
*Tenants are responsible for all removal. please note: if this property. If this property is located in the city of St.Catharine you as a tenants will be responsible for any and all fines passed by the city.
*Tenants understand that their property will be emptied out and given a quick clean only.Any cleaning above and beyond this will be the responsibility of the tenants.
*N.S.F.(non sufficient funds) will be subject to a $50 administration fee.
*Vacating the premises; if any belongings are left behind or damage not paid for, the collective cleaning deposit will be held and tenants will be subject to further fees.
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