The new Urban-Green face of Niagara


remember when Fonthill felt like a small town some 20 years ago when I first moved with my parents to this beautiful quaint town. To be honest I wasn’t really excited as it was such a contrast to the vibrant Toronto scene that I wanted to explore. It was quiet but in a serene way that appealed to my parents but not the teenager in me. Over the years it has grown on me in such a profound manner that I can’t see myself living anywhere else within the Niagara region! Fonthill at that time was only known to Niagara residents and felt like a hybrid between an exclusive suburban town & breathtaking green zones and fruit pastures.



The beauty of this place is that it only takes a few minutes from where you live to be surrounded by lush green foliage and serene walking trails. It is a paradise for cyclists as it features numerous winding roads and pathways that can rival any scenic French countryside. The place completely transforms in the Spring – Summer time and just like a cocoon reveals a beautiful butterfly, the town comes to life revealing gorgeous fruit orchards, green soothing views, outdoor markets and gourmet dining escapades. It has a certain European like charm where some of the architecture and ambience hasn’t changed in decades. This is refreshing during a time when we are surrounded by rapid development and green zones become increasingly difficult to find. Fonthill is strategically located between Thorold, Welland & Fenwick. It falls under the Pelham Municipality which is famous for it’s Nurseries, Fruit Orchards and Vineyards. Fonthill is a fifteen-minute drive to St. Catharines, five minutes away from Welland & twenty minutes to Niagara Falls.

Today I can barely recognize Fonthill. It seems more like a city than a Town but has managed to retain it’s unique Europeanesque town like charm in the midst of rapid modern real estate development. It has significantly grown in population size attracting many businesses which have strengthened its economy and real estate market. As an investor seeking a stable long term investment, Fonthill is a great place to purchase a property due to short supply and increased demand within it’s competitive rental market. In Fonthill, the majority of the homes are inhabited by the homeowners and this makes it a very attractive and stable market for real estate investors. There is also an acute shortage of existing land available for development due to the size of the city and zoning restrictions.


onthill also has a sizeable community of retirees which makes it appealing when seeking a property that would match your retirement goals and lifestyle.


Trails & Golf Courses:

Charming and scenic trails can be found all over various neighborhoods in Fonthill. This makes it a great place for someone seeking to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and soak up natural beauty. Steve Bauer is a famous trail that is worth exploring. Harold Black Park attracts a huge crowd during Canada Day with various fun activities for everyone and spectacular fireworks. Fonthill also attracts golf enthusiasts as it boasts some of the best golf courses within the Niagara Region. Lookout Pointe is a definite must if you enjoy golfing while enjoying stunning views of the Pelham escarpment.


Restaurants / Cafes:

In the past few years there has been a renaissance of the culinary scene in Fonthill. Innovative and Modern restaurants catering to the diverse taste palette have emerged giving the city an edge within the Niagara dining scene. For a laid-back meal, try Mossimos which makes delicious pizzas and is a great place for family dining. Gelato Village makes delectable & hard to resist Gelato ice cream and smooth espressos. It feels like you have taken a trip to Rome!

Farmer’s market:

Fonthill has one of the best outdoor Farmer’s Market featuring various vendors selling everything from local organic produce, honey, delicious street food and handicrafts. Farmer’s Market is open every Wednesday starting in April and ending in October.

All amenities such as grocery stores, gyms, yoga studios, pet food stores, drugstores are located in downtown Fonthill and accessible easily. It usually takes 5- 7 minutes to access downtown Fonthill to access all these amenities. The new Pelham Sport’s complex is also located near the new retail center of Fonthill. An excellent sports/ recreation facility that includes ice hockey, basketball, competitive swimming, and an indoor running trail which makes it very appealing to families with active kids.