Miz Rentals Inc. is a Property Management company assisting Brock Students and Executive Tenants in the beautiful Niagara region find homes that suit diverse concerns and lifestyle requirements. We understand finding the right Home isn’t easy and we are here to guide you in the right direction. We don’t promise miracles but can listen and assist you in finding and securing your ideal Brock Student Home in Thorold or a Family home in Fonthill, Niagara Falls, Thorold, Fort Erie, Niagara On The Lake and Welland. We are proud to be from the Niagara Region and understand the importance of local presence to manage properties that address emergency concerns in a time sensitive manner or require urgent intervention. This why we don’t manage PROPERTIES that our Team can’t reach in 30 minutes or more.


As locals we have in-depth knowledge on the Good, Bad and downright Ugly areas of Niagara and our properties are carefully curated to meet certain quality standards. We also guide interested investors looking for favorable opportunities in the picturesque and rapidly growing Niagara Region without any conflict of interest. We strive to maintain long lasting relationships with our clients which means we give you advice on where to buy that will benefit your financial goals even 10 years down the line. As a prospective Tenant we can recommend a certain area or city that will align with your comfort level, safety concerns and lifestyle choices.


Our Landlord’s can have peace of mind that Tenancy runs smooth & possible issues are mitigated which reduces the risk for any negative outcomes . Our goal is to bridge the complex and sensitive gap between Landlord’s & Tenants and to advocate to the best of our ability the Expectations, Responsibilities and Requirements of Landlords & Tenants. We can be direct but this is to maintain communication & realistic expectations in the best interests of everyone involved. In this process our intentions may get misunderstood but that comes with challenges of managing properties. We care and it is reflected on our vacancy rates, compliance and general condition of our properties.


Local & Minority owned Business in a landscape where large corporations are not able to empathize or understand individual needs of Renters or Landlords we strive to learn everyday and use your valuable feedback to improve on our service. If we make a mistake we don’t hesitate to apologize.


For Tenants & Landlords

We have the best instructors



We don’t make any unsubstantiated guarantees to Tenants or Landlords. Landlords and Tenants are educated on the benefits and risks associated with renting a home. We make it clear as to what we can and what we cannot do from day one.


We believe that Respect is at the core of any good relationship. Relationships can have their ups and downs but mutual respect leads to favourable outcomes in the most stressful situations.


We understand that unexpected situations may come up and we will do our best to address concerns with our available resources and limitations.