• Please inspect the house carefully and record any damages, faulty appliances etc.

  • Please use the Movein Checklist as a guide to observe and record relevant information.
  • Please only fill out 1 Form per house. Multiple forms will be rejected.

  • BE SPECIFIC AND DETAILED when filling out additional information on the form section.
  • Please include pictures to support proof of damage etc.

  • The form must be completed within 10 days of move in.

  • Please be advised that by submitting the form you are LEGALLY stating that you have observed and recorded all pertinent damages or concerns after moving in and that any further damages observed by the Home Inspector during move out or tenancy period will be considered Tenant Responsibility. This excludes unexpected maintenance issues or damages due to unforeseen circumstances which will be determined by
    the Maintenance Manager.
  • Please be advised that not all concerns or issues on the 10 day report form will be addressed. It is subject to Landlord approval and we will do our best to ensure Priority, Urgent or Essential repairs are addressed. Aesthetic changes may not get approved.
  • Please be advised that the Maintenance team will set up an appointment to address the 10 day report. Please ensure one of the tenant member is present during the repair process. Maintenance team has limited availability so
    please ensure communication is clear and phone calls or texts are responded in time.
  • We will only engage, communicate or speak to the LEGAL TENANTS of the Property.
  • Zero tolerance towards Rude, Racist, Disrespectful behaviour. Miz Rentals Staff, Maintenance Team or any Subcontractors reserve the right to terminate work at a property if threatened or harassed by tenants, tenant acquaintances or tenant family members.
  • Any questions, complaints or concerns should be addressed in an email and sent to: