We understand you must be anxious & excited about securing an ideal Housing location as Brock Students and we look forward to assisting You.

Please fill out the waitlist form and our Student housing coordinators will reach out to you within the 2nd week of November 2022 or earlier to discuss Available Homes, Lease Sign Process and Book a Viewing Time.

Our goal is to release homes as soon as possible so your patience is sincerely appreciated.

Thank You for your Cooperation,


Please Be Advised of these Guidelines

We are only considering a Group of Brock Students

The Group must be Cohesive and Responsible as we only do Group Leases; These are not rooming houses.

We are Screening for Respectful, Quiet and Cooperative Groups

Prince range will be $650 and up. *This is an estimate only & further details will be provided to ensure transparency.

We wish you all the best of luck and hope you find the perfect home to start an exciting chapter of your life!